GL Control Code description not showing

Hi All,

Any idea why description is not appearing in GL Control Code? There is description showing in Account Segment Value and General Ledger Account. I have also attached a screenshot below as reference. Thanks!

Can you post the screen of the GL Account for those segment combinations too?

@Mark_Wonsil remind me isn’t there a description rebuild?

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Hi Mark,

There you go!


Hi Hally,

If you are talking about “Rebuild Display GL Account”. I have rebuild it and still the same.

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@fergus.heng Is there another segment to the account? it looks like the control has a - - dash space dash and the account ends in a dash.

It has dash because the account has a total of 5 segments so if its not require any info in the segment. We leave it blank

An example from other company we have.

Well that blew my theory up.

Sorry for the dumb question, but have you checked epicare? The KB has over 10k of articles in it when I last checked. Sounds like this is something that might be there.

Have you tried unchecking the override default description checkbox from the GL account maintenance screen?

Hello Dora,

I have tried unchecking the override default description checkbox and still the same. Anything needs to be done after unchecking?