GL Controls - Control - Menu Maintenance


I’m trying to allow user to be able to see and update GL Controls - Control under Supplier Maintenance, Customer Maintenance for example.
Currently, the users only see GL Controls - Type and unable to update GL Controls - Control as the option is greyed out

Which security code allow user to be able to see GL Controls Control?

1st… the data with GL Controls being changed by users… AUGH!!! That’s like letting Moe, Larry, or Curley perform brain surgery!
You’d end-up being ‘a victim of circumstance’ - “yuk-yuk-yuk”

The Accounts aligned to GL controls are the repositories of financial impact as to system transactions.
Financial people “USE” the data as grouped/presented as business review… which would then lead to improper transactions, among other things…
So leaving the doors open, is an invitation to lack of financial control, analysis, understanding!

2nd - if you do go down this road…
FYI… since EPICOR (as a standard) will require entries in multiple tables to get things done:

GL TRANSACTION TYPE this is where you IMPORT and have revisions, as well as specify if u are using standard or extended. There is ONE TYPE record for each GL Control area, but many revisions can exist… only one being active.

per the GL TRANSACTION TYPE… the GL CONTROL TYPE will specify content required per the next part… Here… is where you are defining the cookie-cutter for subsequent GL Controls.
The GL ONTROL TYPE per a specific TYPE is the MASTER layout, enabling things such as requiring account entries on subsequent GL Control entries. There is only ONE record for each specific TYPE, ie INV-COS-WIP AR or AP (in a single book set-up)
Thereafter, GL CONTROL CODES (aligned to a GL CONTROL TYPES) will house the specific CL Accounts.

So #3 allowing ‘users’ to touch this area of the software… “RECOMMEND LOCKDOWN” of this area!

Each of the Menu items are in GL SET-up.

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Where to lockdown this area?

If a “user” doesn’t set up the GL controls who is supposed to set it up? Every person is a “user”.

To answer your actual question.

The menu maintenance is where you go to set up the the security groups. Each menu is part of a security group (be careful with this because it seems like you are setting the security for a specific menu, but you are actually setting it for the security group that the menu is in. You may affect other menus). Usually the system is set up with a security group on a folder. If that folder is shut off from a user, they generally can’t get into the things within in. As you can see in the screen shot, the security group that is set up for the security control is set up to allow all users, but the group on the folders above it are only to the accounting group, so not everyone has access.

This is where you would set up access the specific users to have access to specific screens.

Does that help?

Ok… END-USERs instead of just USERs