Global BAQs not appearing in new company

epicor 9.05.701

We set up a new company in April last year, there is very little movement / transactions at present but i have just noticed that if a global BAQ is created in another company it appears in all companies apart from the new one…

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately in 9 BAQs were actually copied to the other companies if I recall correctly.
You may have to go uncheck the global checkbox and recheck it. Just in case look in the admin tools and see if there’s a conversion


unticking global, clicking save and then ticking global and saving in original company didn’t work.

these 3 are the only ones i could find:

Is your MC direct process set up?
I know it uses that to push the stuff around

yes it appears to be.

I have received some advice:

  1. Ensure multi-company has been set up OK for the new company and that it has been run. e.g. try creating a new global part in a existing company and see if it gets pushed to all the other companies including the new one.
  2. Check the IntQueIn and IntQueOut to see of there are any records stuck in these files
  3. Check the external company configuration screen Actions menu and try the options to initialize information in the new company