Global Security Manager Passowrd Expired

I have a client with a single Global Security Manager (manager). I recently upgraded to 10.2.500.14 this last weekend and the manager account password expired (not sure how). Now I cannot reset the manager password nor can I set any user to Global Security Manager.


  1. Did you try manager and manager? :wink:

  2. Is a SQL tweak to the userfile to make another user a SecManager possible?

  3. Add another app that uses Windows as the authentication. Then it won’t even ask for the password. It’s like SSO, by assuming if the user is logged into the domain, it must be that user. This assumes the user account that is a SecUser has the domain and OSuser fields filled in. Might have to do a SQL tweak to this user account to set those two fields.

Since this is a Test Upgrade:

  1. manager/manager was the expired password…
  2. I did try setting another user UserFile.GlbSecuritySM (might be a different field name), but nothing took. It appears that is stored elsewhere.
  3. I didn’t try your 3rd option as it was an expired password and setting up SSO was more than I wanted to do for now…

Ultimately, I restored the DB and made another Global Security Manager before doing anything else.