Got rewarded after Insights - 100% Remote Work

…and by remote, I mean they are kicking me out of my nice comfy office into an office inside
the corner of a warehouse with my coworker. About a 150 yards from my current office.

I’m having to have it all fixed up, and it will be nice once done, but it’s still a pain in the ass.

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At least you are in the building. We just moved three departments to a strip center 500 yards from the plant.

I did finagle an extra man door to the warehouse by my new office, 2 dedicated parking spots, and a man-gate in our fence at least.


Certain distance from the schools I guess.

I hope you’re getting a patio, complete with a hammock and tiki torches and a BBQ

No, but I do have working lights as of this morning.

Still no doors, but who needs privacy?

Stop wearing pants. You’ll get a door pretty quickly.
… or fired. But also maybe a door?

I’m so far out away from everyone else, I’m not even sure this will work.

Warehouse => more space => bigger desk => New 49" Ultrawide 5120x1440 Monitor?

Moving Day

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I’ma go watch some Friends now.

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Congrats on the new office! You’re going to have to stop picking your nose now that you’re not in a private office. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s still private, I just have to walk though another to get to mine :rofl:

Then pick away! Just don’t eat them anymore.