Got thrown into the fire. Shipping label printing issue

Hi folks! I just inherited an E10 environment. I am very inexperienced with it, but my vendor for support is taking too long to get back to me. I have a user in shipping department who prints labels via Customer Shipment Entry > Print Shipping Label, where it prints to a Zebra printer. We are not set up with BarTender (yet). Zebra issues ruled out, I’ve rebooted the server, recycled the App Pool, and stopped/restarted the Task Agent. That’s all I know to try so far but it hasn’t worked. Can anyone help point me in the right direction to diagnose and resolve this? Many thanks in advance.

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Is the print job showing up in System Monitor on the impacted system under history tasks or reports? If so is there an error showing up there?

I’m seeing nothing in the System Monitor under any of the tabs. I’ll have the user try again and see if anything pops up in there. Thanks for the reply!

Yeah let us know what you see in the system monitor after you submit the print job.

Just in case you weren’t aware… in System Monitor make sure to go to Actions → Display all Tasks. That lets you see everything, otherwise you only see tasks run by your user.


Thank you for that! Definitely see stuff now. However, I don’t seem to see anything related to this particular function in the logs from the user in question.