Gtin-14 printing as an ean-13+2

When we print from a zebra label printer or print preview for that matter the gtin-14 that is in the system adds a digit that appears to be a ean-13+2. 10658701015709 becomes 106587010157709. Why is this happening? The extra 7 is the correct check digit of an ean-13 with an ean-2 on the end.

Try sending only the first 13 digits

It just treats it like a ean-13 still as the last 13th digit is 0.

Shot in the dark, sorry. I know just enough about UPC codes to get me in trouble.

I got nothing.

The Check Digit for the 1065870101570 is 9 (GTIN-14)
The Check Digit for the 106587010157 is 7 (EAN13)

So I guess my question is, what are you using to generate the label? I would check the settings on the barcode in that program and see if it’s set for EAN13. Also check to see if the check digit is being calculated or if you have to provide it.

That’s what I was looking at, it looks like whatever is receiving the data is getting 106587010157 and then putting in the check digit, then adding the last two numbers 09