Halloween Theme for E9 - Enjoy!

Good Morning All;
I wrote this Halloween theme a year ago, and it was a big hit with the users here. I apply it a few days before Halloween and make it the default theme. They have asked for it this year, so I thought I would share it with the group.
Since the site did not allow the .isl extension, I renamed it to .rpt so download it and rename it back to .isl, import the theme and apply it to review it on your system. If you like it, you can then make it the default theme, and the next time you users login, they will have this theme.
I also have Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day and others if you are interested, just email me directly.
I am also working on an E10 “Look” theme to try and prep my users for E10. :wink:
George Hicks

Halloween.rpt (1.6 MB)


Fixed to allow isl extensions now.

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You have any themes for Epicor 10.2?