Handheld scanners

having trouble setting up and connecting handheld scanners - noticed that we do not have the Epicor license for handheld - but was told that it was included in the other licenses - any assistance???

You shouldn’t need a license for simple bar code scanning.
But… you may need to configure your scanner, depending on the model, font, etc…
FWIW here is a page from an old Epicor doc on model LS2280 scanners… not sure if they have anything newer.

I noticed in our modules that we do not have the license for the “handheld” - does this effect the ability to connect certain scanners or mobile devices for inventory management?

You would not be able to use the Classic Hand Held module without the handheld license. They don’t sell that anymore I don’t believe but now you would need EMWW licenses. From there it matters not.



The (deprecated) Hand Held module created low res interfaces for folks on the floor to use with scanners like the Intermek CK71.

The Hand Held module is not needed to use a simple USB barcode scanner (aka keyboard wedge) that has no screen and is used for data entry on your normal UI screens.


Let me take a crack at this, You are trying to use the Android Epicor Kinetic Warehouse App yes? Then yes, you need a license key to activate it. Expect to pay over $100/mo/license for Saas. Ask Epicor for a quote for the “Epicor Mfg Wireless Warehouse by BISCit”

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If you want to demo the Epicor Kinetic Warehouse app from the play store

You can run it in Demo mode. Instructions are in this guide on EpicWeb

The download is free, but the license is not…:slight_smile:

Refer to the Applying a License Key section.

"Enter a licence key or run the application in Demo Mode. This feature allows you to use the application without a license, however, it is limited to the use of Epicor demo companies EPIC03 and EPIC06. "

You could try using creating a layer in AppStudio for mobile for a form and see how that worked. Just change the device type:


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