Handling of NON-STOCK items

BC/BS sent me 18 books that fully explained the policy, coverage, etc.
Afterwards, they sent me riders to insert into the books. Maybe we're
using different terminology, but these are the "certificates of coverage"
I'm looking for. They explain everything like the certs do, but they are
in booklet form.


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Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 16:40:49 -0600
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Subject: [Vantage] Handling of "NON-STOCK" items

We are looking at turning on the G/L interface for Inventory and I was
wondering how others users are handling the purchase of "NON-STOCK" items.
We currently have these parts (examples: boxes, maintenance supplies,
drills, etc.) set up in part master so that we can cut a PO for their
purchase, then we receive them so that we can match the receipt to the A/P
invoice for payment. We have the parts marked as NON-STOCK but that does
very little as you know.

To me NON-STOCK means that the items will be expensed when purchased, which
is what we do, but when they are received Vantage also puts the parts into
stock, which is where the problem lies. If I do a qty adj entry to clear
out the "NON-STOCK" items that don't belong in stock in the first place,
another entry is going to be made to DR. MFG. Variance and CR. Inventory,
which will cause me to make another entry to reverse it, because it is not
valid. It seems like a lot of trouble. This is something that is SO basic
I do not understand how it has not been handled already.

I have an enhancement request that covers this and was wondering what the
other users think about it. If you agree please call Epicor and ask to be
added to the enhancement.

I would appreciate any feedback.


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The part master record for a part should have an extra button in addition to
nonstock, titled expense. So when the part is purcahsed and received, it
will not increase onhand qty and the transaction would be recorded as an
expense. It is to cumbersome right now to receive these items into a
nonnettable bin, which will still have qty building up in it.

Paul E. Pachniak
Accounting Manager
Ace Precision Machining Corporation
Email: paul.pachniak@...
Phone: 1-262-252-4003 (ext 114)

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