Handling Parts produced in two separate departments?

This may not be exactly the same situation, but maybe it will give you some ideas. Each of our parts is "owned" by a department. Some job operations for the parts are done in other departments, sometimes permanently due to equipment, sometimes occasionally due to scheduling. We make sure the job operation uses a resource belonging to the owner department, this directs labor and burden costs to the owner department. Employees use indirect codes belonging to the owner department when they are working on these jobs, this directs indirect labor costs to the owner department. We also have dashboards and processes that help us find any overtime, payroll taxes, and PTO/holidays/etc where a share should go to the owner department thru journal entries (these costs automatically go to the employee department). This process directs all costs and all sales dollars to the owner department. This took some getting used to as our old mainframe system kept costs under each department and split the sales dollars...you know how difficult change can be!

Wanted to see how other companies handle this issue in Epicor, we have two separate departments and for some parts, we make one item in one department and a second in another for one customer. The end product gets sold to the customer through one department.

Is there a way to split the credit between for departments?

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