Has anyone implemented an Epicor login message

I have a need to implement an Epicor login message that would only appear based on a set expiration date. I am thinking of implementing a Tip with a UD field for the expiration date/time. Then I can do a trace during the login process and determine which BO/methods are being called.

Any other ideas are welcome.


There’s the actual Tip BO… which does exactly this… Does’nt have an expiration date but taht can be set via BPM

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I assume you mean the BO is called even when the tips are disabled by the user, to and set the tip number via BPM at login time.

The challenge I encountered is where to insert the BPM. The login trace shows BO calls to UserFile and Tip. But its best not to insert a method call during UserFile as this could interrupt the login process if you supply the wrong params and its best to be logged in twice to disable the BPM.

Also, if the user has disable displaying login tips the BO will not be called.

Doesnt the user table contain a last logged in field? You could use a Data Directive to trigger on a change of that field.


I like your idea. Thank you, I will give it a try.

@asmar have you tried this,

I have one tied to ClockIn BO that works fine for MES users. Used a BPM Form for the data and a UD Table.

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Can you share with me how you did screenshots.,

You could try changing the SplashImage value in the config file to override the Standard Epicor one, and put the text in there, not perfect, but is should work… Note the file path appears to the case sensitive.

This image gets displayed immediately after you login.

Try this one as a sample… Unfortunately the version number of Epicor gets superimposed on the top.


I think the real dimensions of the image are supposed to be 540x310 pixels. If you mess up the value the standard Epicor splash screen shows.

Hope the helps. Other suggestion might be to hijack the Tips form.

Or try this one link

BPM Data form can be customized, it is not fun since you have to turn on Developer mode then go deep into Data Directive. I cannot get this to save while building a solution so you will have to rebuild the pop-up message and custom code when importing the BPM Form to another system.

It triggers every time someone clocks in through MES, so once in the morning and once after lunch break. Might be able to set some criteria for this to only happen before noon. I have a user group criteria set.


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