Has anyone removed a UD field from a table

Does anyone have a procedure or process to remove a UD field from a table? We are finding that because of project scope changes, we have UD fields in places that we no longer want them. Epicor makes it simple to add them with their wizardry but I can’t figure out a slick way to remove them.


I’m assuming you mean UD fields that were previously added in Extended User Defined Table Maintenance?

I have removed UD fields by reversing the sequence I originally use to add the UD field(s).
Is this not working for you?

1 - E10 --> Extended User Defined Table Maintenance - delete column(s)
2 - Admin Console --> DB Server Mgmt --> server --> db — Regen DataModel
3 - Admin Console --> Server Mgmt --> server --> appserver — Recycle Application Pool

If an error occurs while during the DB gen it will not be displayed in the EAC. To check if the UD field was removed successfully, you will need to use the Extended Properties Maintenance to verify the UD field has been removed. If sessions are open to the target table the UD field will not be removed. As an alternate option, terminate all connected session by restarting IIS.

It looks like that worked. Thanks!