HCM - Development of New Module

Hi, I have no knowledge how to start developing new module Or changes in existing modules in Epicor HCM.
Is there any document available for this ?
We are running Hcm 5.10

If I am not wrong document should be available in EpicWeb.

EpicWeb has been searched already for such requirement, but did not find any thing relevant.

Do you know any specific, plz share the location.


https://epicweb.epicor.com/doc/Docs/HCM 2018 Tailoring Tools and Task Editor User Guide.pdf#search=epicor hcm customization guide

@24x7 That guide is all we have at the moment.

We’ve been looking for a similar document to create new tasks and create our own API interface with Docstar/ECM. I’ve done a lot of research and talking with people and there is currently no way for end-users to create entirely new ‘modules’ or tasks other than to copy/modify those that exist.

I’ve been in touch with some internal folks at Epicor and I’m told that the HCM product is getting a bit of new life pumped into it now that the dev push for Kinetic has calmed down a bit. I’m waiting to hear from them in a month or so to find out if there is any bandwidth in Dev for us to partner with them to create some new functionality.

@MikeGross, @prash172, @24x7

Speaking of HCM, would any of you be willing to cast votes in favor of the following ERP Idea:

Allow “Terminated” as valid value for Status in EmpBasic records


Thanks @prash172 AND @MikeGross
I will be looking into this document.