HCM Scripts to help copy Prod to Test

A couple of us over in HCM land have been working on a sort of universal “Prod to Test” SQL script to help everyone maintain a Test instance.

The DOC is from Epicor, and it’s good education. The reference scripts are a version of the walk-through guidance in that DOC, and the combined Prod-To-Test script is a working copy, heavily modified for a user’s actual instance and include more than the samples. It is for SQL, after the DB is copied - so that you do not “cross the streams” as it were between instances.

The DOC also contains an outline of the procedure for the whole process and some other things to fix inside the UI.

This is of course a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. NO WARRANTIES, NO SUPPORT kind of thing.

TestDatabaseProceduresEpicor.zip (674.0 KB)

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Thank you for your diligence with this, Mike.

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