Help Error

Opened up Help today and received this error:

Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

Nothing else on the page. I have restarted the app pool, deleted and reloaded the Help files form the Admin Console. Anything else I can try?

I might start with these

Hi Will,

I found we needed a / at the end of the url. You can change it in Company Maintenance.


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Uninstall and reinstall the Epicor Help extension from the EAC. Once you reinstall the extension check the URL in Company Maintenance. Make sure it matches the URL in the EAC.

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In 10.2.300 I use Epicors Help URLs:

The need to install the Help has died with this :smiley: for me atleast, the same goes for Educational Content – you can target


When did Epicor start publishing the help like that?

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In 10.2.300 I started to use it, they host it and the Client sends special headers with it so it can access them, so if you use your own Browser you will get an error.


I dropped the 10.2.400 URL into our test environment just to test. Worked right away. I’m going to stop hosting the help and let Epicor host it. Thanks for sharing!

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One downside with the Epicor URL, is that you get way more results.


Vs help installed on your app server


Also… Does Field help work for UD fields, with either setup?


the second image is also from the Epicor URL (it just is a different search: “ABC code” vs “ABC codes”)

Here’s what the result for “ABC code” is with the local help. (Compare it to the first image above)


Yes. Field help works in both cases for UD fields.