Help, why is Auto receive grey out in job entry and the BOM on just one part

Does anyone know why Auto receive is grayed out in job entry on just one particular BOM that used to work fine, and also on the BOM in part master? Thanks

Welcome Maureen!

If the Part is set for Track Multiple UOMs, then both the MOM and all of the jobs would have that field greyed out (according to the system help). There are other reasons why just a job might have it greyed out, but if the MOM in Engineering Workbench does too, that’s more limiting.

Yes the BOM is greyed out in the engineering workbench, I’m confused it was not always like this not sure how it has changed?

Thanks for the welcome :wink:

Has anyone else got any suggestions? Please?

May not be the issue here but worth checking. I’ve seen this before when the job has a demand link for Make to Job in another site. It creates a transfer order which cannot be Auto Receive.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it all jobs, firm and u jobs also the Bom in the engineering work bench?
I think it needs serious help :weary: