Help with BPM to pull in Customer Group and Pricelist to Quote heade

I need to pull in the customer Group code and the related pricelst into the quote header so I can then push it down to the lines of the quote.
I've got the groupcode working put the list code pulls in the last pricelist everytime, not the pricelist associated with the customer group.
What am I missing?

FOR EACH ttQuoteHed where (ttquotehed.rowmod = 'a' or ttquotehed.rowmod = 'u'), each custgrup, each customer where = and customer.groupcode = custgrup.groupcode and ttquotehed.Company = and ttquotehed.customercustid = customer.custid, each pricelst, each custgruppricelst where custgruppricelst.Company = pricelst.Company and custgruppricelst.ListCode = pricelst.ListCode and custgrup.GroupCode=customer.groupcode no-lock.

if available customer then do:
assign ttquotehed.shortchar09 = customer.groupcode.

if available pricelst then do:
assign ttQuoteHed.ShortChar08 = pricelst.listcode.


Chris Wineinger
ERP Specialist
Interior Systems Inc.