Help with BPM to Stop Negative On Hand Qty occurring on the PartBin

Epicor version 9.05.700

If i manually try to reduce stock lower than the on hand quantity, i get an error message as per the screenshot below. Which is great.

However, if it is not a “user” or “manual” transaction, the system seems to let you fall into negative stock.

It seems to happen when a PI count adjustment is done and posted by the system itself.
Lets say for eg…the stock is frozen for a PI count and the on hand qty is 10
Lets then say 5 are counted, so the stock needs to be reduced by 5 to be correct.
However, whilst the PI count was happening more transactions have been done for that part and the actual on hand qty fell to say 2.
The PI adjustment of -5 is then later posted, and sure enough the stock falls to -3…we all know you can’t have negative stock so how can i prevent this from happening?

Many thanks in advance.


I think there may be setting on the part class setup and company config to prevent or warn.

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I’m not versed in E9 but I assume you could make a BPM that fires before
transaction, do the math check and cancel the transaction (and pop up a
warning) if needed

Hi, i have reviewed the “part class maintenance” negative Qty setup and for the part in question the class was correct and set to “stop”.

I also agree a BPM of some kind would probably be the best way forward…is a data directive or method directive the best approach? Has anyone got one already setup where they could attach screenshots?

Thanks in advance.

How do you write less than 0 in the epicor syntax?!

Does your BPM not need to say ‘less than’ the ‘specified’ rather than ‘equal to’?

your quite right,…that gets me past the syntax problem.
Thank you.

1 last question, should it be “changed row” or “updated row”?

I would use updated row first.

I have noticed though that you are only showing a message rather than having a stop exemption, is this only for your testing stages?

Hi Neil,

the “information” message is a severity of “Error”, which i think does stop the process rather than just an information message.

That is a fair point Mark, hope it all works for you.

Thanks Neil

I need to revisit this…the “error” message appears when you go less than zero, but it doesn’t prevent the transaction from happening. Its almost like its missing a STOP action of some kind.

I think it needs to be a METHOD DIRECTIVE, I found the following info:

If you want to prevent the transaction you would have to move it to a pre-processing directive.

Doing so sometimes requires a bit of rewriting as the data currently in the temp-tables (tt) will not yet be in the database (tables without tt).*

After taking a quick look at your routine, I think you will be OK just moving it to the “pre”.

Any help with writing the method directive for this would be much apprecited.
i’m not sure of the correct method code / business object etc.

So, just to recap…I need a BPM that triggers an error message to say “This transaction will send the On Hand Quantity of the bin to less than zero.”
AND it actually stops the transaction from occuring.

Many thanks in advance.

ok, this seems to do it…instead of “information message”…i used "raise exception

This is a verified bug in Epicor. I assume that you contacted them already and received an answer similar to mine… silence. Apparently they don’t want to fix it.

Any BPM I would write would respect the configuration concerning this while fixing the bug… I would advise the same for you.

Also, writing a method directive only affects those transactions performed with that directive. You’ll probably have to write dozens if not hundreds BPMs to cover this… hence Epicor’s reluctance to fix it. I would write a data directive; it covers all changes.


Hi Jim,
I sense your frustration!
Your right, i did contact epicor and they advised i wrote a bpm, although they didnt warn me how many.

I’ve written the below and its awaiting testing…in terms of epicor providing a fix, i don’t think they will now as they have said to us they will only provide fixes for E10.

Have you tried having the BPM fire on the UPDATED row?

Don’t think this is fixed in 10 either, though we deal with this less than
we did in 9