Help with client issue

We have one remote user who yesterday started having problems with his client. First, his main menu had the programs list moved to the right of the tree. We resolved this with a Reset Layouts to Base. Then he had issues with extreme slowness - 10 minutes to pull up SO Entry and then got a handful of 7224 popups, at that point Epicor was still running but things weren't processing normally (like one sees with the 7224 errors). I then did Clear Client Cache, which resolved the errors but did not resolve the slowness. Now he is back to seeing a lot of errors and it will not let him Allocate from Fulfillment WB.

Any ideas on things to try? He has good bandwidth from his home - 10Mb down/1.7Mb up with no other apparent network stability issues.

Nobody else is having problems like this.

Thanks for any ideas!