Hidden header in report details group?

On both the OrderAck and QuotForm reports there are detail sections that have a header-like row. This row displays once, then is hidden on subsequent lines, leaving a blank row.

I would like to eliminate the dead space between each of the rows, but I cannot locate the code that is hiding these fields. Clearly the row isn’t hiding, but the fields are. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing? I’ve hunted for sneaky rectangle or text box visibility expressions to no avail. (Note: this is consistent on the Standard - SSRS versions of the reports as well).


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My report has labels, I think after an update at some point we got real labels in our reports instead of just Expr. Having said that, I right clicked on the row that looks like the same in your report. In Properties it shows as Rectangle 126. If you right click on that row and look at Row Visibility. I see an expression on mine. I am not very familiar with these reports, but this might be where to look. As a test just find any row with visibility expressions, turn them off and test the report, then turn them on and test again. Then you can adjust the expression to hide it when you really need it.

Thanks for the reply, Nate! I feel like I’ve tested this from every angle. The only way I can get rid of the blank space between the quote quantities is if I hide the whole label row… but then I don’t have a label row at all. I would push the row into a header but it’s not the first row in the detail group (there’s a detail row above it) and I’d rather not rearrange the report.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions. I appreciate your time!

In case anyone is curious - I finally found the culprit! Each label text box had hide duplicate set to “Group 1” so the labels were only displaying once per instance of the previous group. Relieved to finally find the logic!


Good job! Those reports are a mess to work with. :slight_smile: