Hide Tax Id on Supplier Tracker

I need to hide the Tax ID field on the Supplier Tracker only. Field still needs to be visible on Supplier Maintenance. I have tried changing Visible = False via customization but the field still displays. The field is hidden initially after I complete the Customization screen but once I log out of Epicor and back in or turn developer mode off - the field is displaying. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what can I do to ensure the field is not displaying?

you cannot just change the property you need to use the wizard and change the extended properties of the field

Thank You this resolved my issue!

Glad that this was solved, but curious as to why you need to hide it? Tax ID’s / EINs are a matter of public record for businesses

We have SS#'s in this field for individuals and only specific individuals in our company should be allowed to see these. We hid the field on the Supplier Tracker but left it visible on the Supplier Maintenance.

Got it, you should manage these via field security. If you have a list of employees (or a group) that should see it it’s a lot easier to manage security than maintain a customization IMO

It also ensures it doesn’t accidentally print or show up in other unexpected places for the wrong people.

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What @josecgomez said. Also, I think starting in 10.2.400, Epicor added Data Masking to Field Security. The data is masked and then only users with Read or Full access can see or update the masked value. You can define which characters are masked.

Data masking only works for character fields, which is good for you. But it would certainly be nice to mask costs, labor rates, etc. too. It would save on a lot of unneeded customizations…


Thanks for the suggestions - testing the field security

That is what we tested out and it works well.

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