Hold and Method Directive problem

I put in place four holds about a year ago all for inactive items - Parts, Customers, ShipTos and Suppliers. I had assumed they were working, until today. Someone was trying to inactivate a ShipTo and kept getting the "record modified by another user" loop. I was able to check, save, uncheck, save another ShipTo for that customer. I then checked the hold type history and there is nothing there for ANY ShipTo. The others work fine and have as much history as I would expect. I have carefully compared them in Method Directives and they appear the same. Yet one doesn't work and the other three do. The only substantive difference I see is that I'm using ShipTo.Checkbox01 instead of a "predetermined" logic field like Vendor.Inactive ARGH! Any suggestions on what is wrong? I only use the canned logic since I'm an accountant and have no business getting all programmer-fancy :) with my methods

Thank you in advance-Cheryl

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