How can decimals be adjusted out of inventory?

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Over the years, we’ve been transacting the same part number with different units of measure. For cables, we transact in meters and feet, which we transact to the third decimal place. Two part numbers have managed to transact themselves to the four and fifth decimal place: One is (negative) 0.00018 meters and the other is (positive) 0.0004 meters.

How do I zero these out? I’ve tried Quantity Adjustment, but that only allows for three decimal places.

EDIT: Actually, one part number’s quantity on hand is (negative) 0.00017849 (the eighth decimal place). Excel displays it as -0.00018.

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I forget which one it is exactly. Have you tried running Refresh PartBin QOH From PartTran under System Management/Rebuild Processes/MFG\Distribution

I would recommend you try this in your test environment first @BDSCM

@BDSCM Epicor support can get you a data fix to clear them out. In my case it was the fifo layer and bin they cleared so I wrote UBAQs to do the same process since we would hit the issue every few months.

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I tweak the decimal places on the UOM and do quantity adjustments using the DMT to remove these. Dont forget to set the decimal places back after!

We run into this occasionally as well as we have components that we issue small fractions of (i.e 1/60th), but the base UOM is eaches. I set the number of decimals for the ea UOM to 8 and then can make the adjustments right in the base quantity adjustment screen.