How can I revise a po requisition?

A user has asked me how he can revise a po requisition after it has been dispatched. Any help would be appreciated.

You can reset dispatching if the new dispatcher has not taken any actions. This would be from the actions menu in Requisition Entry

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This option is grayed out.

Are you the requestor on the requisition? If not, that will prevent the reset. What does status show? Pending?

Yes, it is pending and I am the requestor.

Was this dispatched as a send to purchasing or other action? You can try going to Actions - Set Requisition User and enter your own credentials to make sure that is correct.

Yes, it was dispatched as send to purchasing

Try doing the Set Requisition User and see if you can then edit. Since it is pending there is no Purchase Order yet so it should still be able to be reset.

I did that, it is still grayed out.