How can we access AltBillTo for a customer using a BAQ

I need to find all customers in the Customers table having a specific AltBillTo. I have not been able to make a BAQ that shows any AltBillTos for customers.

Wes Wendel

Trying to find customers that have an alt-bill to, or are the alt-bill to ?

They are stored in the CustBillTo table. In that table are both the Customer themselves and the Customer of where they can be billed against.

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Have a specific AltBillTo

Yes. But how to link one to the other? You would think there would be an AltBillToNum in the main customer record pointing to the Custnum field in the AltBillTo record. But I can’t find any such thing.


The Relationship to the second Customer table (Customer1) is different that the first

The following is the output of the BAQ with the Customer tracker laid on top to show the realtionships.

CustNum 51 (ID: 0005548) has two Alt Bill To’s: CustNum 1077 (ID: ENA25) and CustNum 3544 (ID: ENAELK)


if you add a table criteria on Customer1.CustID, it would only show those Customers that have that ID and are the Alt BillTo for another customer.

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In the CustBillTo table are a CustNum field (the customer that the record is related to) and a BTCustNum field (the customer that is the alternate billto).

Thank you. This looks good!

That’s the second half of the puzzle. Sincere thanks.