How do I add a calculated field to an RDD


Hoping to get started in the right direction. We want to utilize the Lot Shelf Life field on Part Entry and calculate a Expiration date that will print on the RcvLabel when the calculation exists. Not all parts have shelf life data and not all PO Recpts need to have a label printed.

I’ve been asked to create a BPM that would auto print the Label when the Calculation exists. I know relatively little about BPMs and have some experience with report design (learning by trial/error). I’ve started out duplicating the report data definitions and style so I can play with them but am getting stuck after adding the part table and creating the relationship between rcvdtl and part. How do I now create the calculation and make it viewable so it can be added to the report (via report builder)?

Am I going about this in the wrong direction? I am open to suggestions.

Thank you in advance!

Yes you cannot add a calculated field to an RDD report in the data set all calculations needs to be done in the SSRS report.

I would suggest you consider going BAQ Report route which will give you a lot more control.


Thank you! I was starting to think I would need to do that but didn’t want to re-invent the report design. Appreciate the comments.

Have you tried doing the calculation report side as Jose also suggested?

That was the first attempt. However I haven’t been able to get the Part table to show up in the SSRS report. I added the Part table and created a relationship between RclDtl and Part. Remove the exclusions from Column and Label. In report builder the part table fields do not come in.

Ms. Valorie: The Part table needs to be manually added to the SSRS Select Query (or added as a Datasaet - not recommended).

Sorry - i wish there was an easy button for this - however, there is not. If you look at the main dataset for the report and go to properties and click on the Fx button for the Querry you will find the report Select Query.

There are a few good videos detailing this process (i would suggest having multiple cups of coffee handy) :smile:


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Thank you Dave… I will take a look, get myself some coffee and research the video!

I’ve found using Notepad++ to copy/paste the query out of the SSRS report helps. You can format the query to be more human readable instead of all jumbled together. If you know SQL at all it’s not too hard but quirky and not as easy as Crystal as there is no GUI.


Or VS Code

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I use a label like this
you can create it easy in a BAQ/BAQR and then use REPORT Builder
the cure and expire come from the lot number info
as long as your BAQ has all the fields you can reort on them how you want
depends how much info you need on a label.
you can easyly do a BAQ/BAQR listing any stock past its expire date
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Thank you all for your assistance! I have the report design done and am now moving on to a BPM that will print the report automatically when a specified condition is met in the process.