How do I find on a page?

The site seems to be taking over the keyboard shorcuts. I’m looking through a long post for something specific and if I use Cntrl+F, it brings up the search the post, but it only gets me to the post. I’m looking for a specific word in the very long post.

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I’d like the option to disable the page’s search function (i.e. interception of the CTRL+F key), so that hitting CTRL+F initiates the browsers search function.

Make it in the users settings.

Do CTRL+F twice. The second one goes to Browser.

Ctrl F by itself shouldn’t do anything (it doesn’t for me) Ctrl, Alt F will…


Same here in Chrome it doesnt, I could have sown in the past it did, so I used CTRL+F (2x).

its an old post lol, 1 year later. So an upgrade to the Forum Engine might have fixed it.

Dang it @ckrusen reviving the dead.

I thought using '/' was to switch to Lotus 1-2-3 interface :wink:

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It goes back and forth. Sometimes it brings up the sites thread search and sometimes (like now) it brings up the search from firefox.

I’m pretty sure it has to to with the length of the thread. If I do it here, it’s the browser search. If I head over to the Rest Novel and hit Ctrl+F, it pulls up the site search. Which I guess makes sense, since the bowser doesn’t always load the whole conversation.

Short thread


Long thread.

ahh, good tip, That works nicely!


Also works on Sharepoint where it likes to hijack search CTRL+F (2x) = default :slight_smile:

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