How do I get my ud tables from test into pilot

How do I get my UD tables from test database into pilot?


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The data or the UD table & fields setup?
If data, then @Jason_Woods is the solution.
If the Table & Field configuration, then you can either setup manually or use the Solution Manager to create a .cab file for the UD fields you want and then import that in your pilot solution manager and then regenerate the data model.
Either way takes about the same amount of time. But if you do it ‘manually’ I have had some sucess with Copy from Test and Paste Insert fields into Pilot and then regenerate data model.

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@Rick_Bird is correct about the copy/paste. It works on newer versions of Epicor. I would guess 10.2 and above.

I can confirm the copy/paste works in 10.2.400. That’s how I did our UD fields when we went live in December.

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If you have any extended properties then copy paste update works.

Solution Workbench

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It true that you can use solution workbench for almost anything?

Almost anything, yes.

Thank you everyone for the help.

Is there an easy way to get all my users in the same groups on my pilot environment as my test environment?