How do I mark a Quote Task complete outside of the Quote Entry screen?

We would like to setup a screen or dashboard which allows the Debt Manager to mark a Task that is assigned to Debt as Complete. Simply marking the Task Complete isn’t enough, it complains about a Next Task. (which there always is, but I don’t know what all it needs to handle it) The person doing the completion isn’t very tech savvy, so we want to make this simple. (he doesn’t like the existing processes).
I have searched to see if someone else has asked this and didn’t find anything, I’m hoping somebody knows how to do it properly :slight_smile:

You will likely need to write some code or use BPM Widgets to get there if the Task List screen isn’t enough.

I was able to make an updateable BAQ do this finally, after I added links to the TaskSNxt and TaskSDtl tables to fill in the NextTaskId and NextTaxSeq fields. Once those were filled in the update worked and the next task was created without any additional code from me. Which I didn’t find out until AFTER I had created additional code of course.