How do you add a Web Resource?

In 10.2.300 you can create something called a Web Bridge that uses a Web Resource. There is a table for this in ICE.WebResource but I cannot figure out how to add a record to this table. Where can I add a Web Resource?


Sorry about that - Web Bridge Type Menu items will be coming in the next release but currently provide no useful implementation. The Web Bridge is a component that will allow the Smart Client and Web / Kinetic based forms to seamlessly co-exist - credential and context passing between the Win and Web world.

What is new and useful for you in this release is the “URL Form” type menu item. That menu item will launch the referenced URL in a Chromium Browser instead of in the native .NET Browser. Native .NET Browser URL Launch is still available with the original “URL Link” type.

I will ask that we remove the “Web Bridge” menu type in an Update release. Sorry for any excitement or confusion this may have caused…


So all of the web files will be stored in the DB and run on demand? Will this mean the web resources will only be accessible to the WinForm app and not to a browser?

The Web Bridge component in 10.2.300 is a prototype and decompiling or looking at the DB definition to see what it is we are doing will lead you down a blind alley - it will be different when actually functional. The Web Resource table may end up being: ID, Description, and partial URI.

Epicor Insights 2019 is fast approaching and is the ideal place to learn about the future direction of the product and technology.

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