How do you create a new GL Account?

I’m searching in Help, the user guides, and online, and I can’t seem to find any instruction on creating a new GL Account. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You need to create a segment value in segment value maintenance for each chart segment that will be used in the GL Account, based on your COA segments. Then under GL/Setup go to GL Account Maintenance and create a new GL Account

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your response. I’m in GL Setup but I don’t see a GL Account or GL Account Maint here. The closest option says GL Account Allocation Template. Is it strangely named?

If i remember correctly I think you just make the individual segment account you want then run the rebuild. Its been a few years since i did that last so you might want another source to confirm this.

i was wrong.

here is whats in help

Thanks, Craig! Now, how did you get there? I’m in Help now, and I searched for that article’s title and still can’t find it. I get so frustrated trying to look for help with Kinetic.

Assuming you have the correct security permissions, you should see a menu item called “General Ledger Account” (not “GL Account”) under Financial Management>General Ledger>Setup.

As others have said, the Account Segment Values need to be created first for each segment you plan to use. If your account segments already exist and you’re just creating a new valid combination you won’t need to do this.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, I figured it out earlier today. Smh. I was using “GL” account, not “General Ledger.” Thank you!

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I just right clicked > help > application help. I find it easier to navigate Help when you open it from the application you need help on. It then takes us (usually) directly to the area of Help that we need.

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Ok, I’ll do that, thanks. I have been opening the Help panel and typing in keywords, but it just doesn’t display all the help for that word. Same problem when I search in EpicWeb. That looks much easier!

Aha! You right-click on the form, not a field. I had no idea. So it brings up the same Help menu. Nice. I knew I could do this from a form, I just could not find General Ledger Account Maintenance because I was searching for “GL”.
You are fabulous, thanks for showing me that. Does this work in Kinetic forms too, or is that too much to ask for?

Not sure. I’m on 10.2.200. No Kinetic yet.