How do you handle multiple DB's for Prod/Test/Dev etc

I’m with you, how do you handle multiple DB’s for Dev/Test/Prod?

What do you mean? You can have multiple servers (if your load warrants it) or just multiple instances… It is a lot easier in 10. In 9 you only get 4 slots unless you get real adventurous

I’m just curious on what tooling you use to manage manage different environments, especially since you are working with multiple clients.

Well locally I have a few tools I"ve written
I keep a copy of each client version and I wrote a tool I call the Client Launcher that allows me to pick a customer and it finds the right client to go with that version and launches it (if I am using a VPN)

If I am not using VPN I use Remote Desktop Manager to keep the different servers and accounts in check.

We use ASG for remote desktops here, does the same thing.
I wrote a custom client installer so for Epicor 10.1 I can run multiple versions of Epicor and separate the clients, in our DEV system.


Chris Wineinger

We have one server for Pilot/Test/Education. We have Production and Training on another, I have a script that does the backup/restore and change some information to help with identification of the separate systems.

There are some manual tasks that need to be done before you can start using a replicated environment.

We have separate clients for Test/Pilot and Production/Training.

The main reason we have separate clients is so we can deploy client side DLLs for testing before we release them to all and sundry, although this does not happen much these days, because we need to upgrade to 10.

A bit of clunky setup, but it works,