How do you reprint the QuickShip end of day Hazmat Shippers Cert?


The shipping department had their toner run out right when they were printing the Quick Ship UPS end of day reports.
They asked me how to reprint the Hazmat Shippers cert.

I went into QuickShip web interface->Manifest Inquiry and selected the day of the report.
I had one entry for it.
I checked the box next to it and from the reports dropdown, I selected ‘Hazmat Shippers Cert’.
I then hit the Print button confident that it would reprint.
Nothing came out.
I opened the printers screen to see if it even went into it, tried again, didn’t show there.

Am I doing something wrong?

How do I reprint the Hazmat Shippers Cert?

Any help is appreciated!

Is this not possible to do?
Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Any ideas out there?