How do you use Production Factor in Capability?

We are trying to setup a Capability with 2 resources. 1 machine is less efficient - so we want to use the Production Factor. Main Machine = 1.0 on Production Factor - Secondary Machine takes 1.5 more time- so we put 1.5 in the Production Factor.

Our thoughts are that the Production rate on the Operation would increase based on the Production Factor in the Capability. This is NOT HAPPENING….

Does anyone know if this Production Factor really works?

my understanding is, it is a multiplier for the scheduling time, for instance a production factor of 2 will double the required time in the schedule, I have just tested this and it seems to work.

However, everywhere i looked the estimated production time was still the same as on the operation, the only place i could see the difference was in the start and finish time of the operation.

Following this because I could never understand it either lol

The fact is that capabilities are only dealing with scheduling, not on part cost. That’s why The required time in the scheduling board is updated, but not the estimated production time, it would increase the labor cost of the part.

Thanks for the info - We have the same result. We see the Start and Stop time changes - and the Graph also changes. Our Planning Dept - just want to see the Scheduled Hours - not just the Est. Prod time. Guess we will be adding a new field for them to see.

Someone else mentioned this is because the COSTING is based on the Est Prod Time - which we agree with.

@Jarry is correct. The factor is only used for scheduling purposes. If you are trying to get better estimated costs, you will have to calculate your hourly rate based off of resource usage. That is, if resource 1 is faster than resource 2; resource 1 is used 100% and resource 2 is used 75%; you will have to average that out to get more accurate estimates.