How does one export to Excel in Kinetic 2023.2

How does one export the grid to Excel?

Try the triple-dot menu at the top right of your grid.
There’s usually an Export to Excel button:

Thanks. I saw that. The problem is that it lands it in notifications, and one has to save it from there to your local drive, and open it from the drive. I would consider that a giant step backwards. In E10, when I Right Click and Copy to Excel, the file opens immediately. At that point, I have the choice to save it or not.

If you do it in the browser it pops up nicely in the downloads area at the top of the screen. I agree the client experience is less than optimal but eventually the client is going away anyway.


Less than optimal is an understatement. In 10.2.400, when one invokes a “Copy to Excel”, the results open immediately in Excel, no need to go to Downloads and open the file.

For the browser client that’s what I’d hope for. Launching local processes is hard to do from a browser session and getting harder. Chrome has been active on deprecating Local Network Access. It’s already dead for HTTP and HTTPS has been stated as a goal. I personally strongly prefer the standard browser behavior of downloading a document instead of punching holes in standard browser security with something like Edge Agent.

Desktop client is a different story because it’s already on localhost and running under the user’s account.


I am sure it is possible to at least get it to open in a Browser version of Excel or Google sheets…How? remains a mystery for me…But I’d expect there would have to be some hooks from Kinetic at the user level to enable this…I’m assuming some Sharepoint or Teams integration. It would be rather nice…

Desktop client “Kinetic” UI uses an embedded browser --that’s why it’s so much slower than Chrome or Edge-- thus is likely under the same restraints.

EOBrowser :face_vomiting: