How does the RvJrnTrDtl table get populated

I’m working with the AP Invoice Edit List report, trying to figure out were the GL Account Numbers are coming from. I was able to find that they are populated from the RvJrnTrDtl table, but that table has no values. How does the RvJrnTrDtl_GUID table get it’s info?

I think you will find that the GL account numbers are coming from the Purchase Orders if the goods were bought with a P.O. or from the invoices themselves at entry if the goods were not P.O. purchases. The RvJrn tables only get populated if there is a problem with the group and it goes to Review status.

It’s actually an AP expense check that they are printing on the AP Invoice Edit List report. The GL Account number is different on the report from what was entered. What I need to know is where the report is pulling the GL account from so I can verify in the database.

Can you grab a screen shot of the gl code entry screen in AP and a shot of the entry on the Edit List? Seeing the accounts may help.

Whoa :astonished:! Did I just misread the post? Did you really mean they were doing an AP check run and not AP Invoice entry like the edit list says?

they had printed the edit list before doing the check run, that is when they noticed the difference in the GL codes

Ok… so back to the screen shots…or in other words, what was entered in AP entry and what was on the check run edit list?

Unfortunately I do not have a screen shot of the Gl being entered. When I look it up in the Invoice Tracker it has the incorrect GL account

The GL account on the Invoice Tracker is different from the AP Invoice Entry Edit List for the item in question? If that is the case, then a possible explanation is that the edit list is not the final one that was actually posted. Yes?

I checked the Invoice Tracker, and it has the same value as the Invoice Edit List. All of this is leading me to believe that the user entered the values in wrong

That seems to be the most likely explanation. On another related note, when the check is being generated, the gl accounts for an item already posted would be a debit to AP and a credit to Cash. The expense gl account doesn’t come into play at all.