How is BOM Cost, Material Cost Calculating?

I am working on a BAQ that will show the total cost of material for a part. Just like the BOM Costing report does in E10. But my query calculation is giving me something different from the BOM Costing Report.

Is there a calculation that i am missing??

BOM Report Calculation:

My Query Calculation:

[PartMtl].[PartNum] as [PartMtl_PartNum],
[PartMtl].[RevisionNum] as [PartMtl_RevisionNum],
[PartRev].[EffectiveDate] as [PartRev_EffectiveDate],
[PartMtl].[MtlPartNum] as [PartMtl_MtlPartNum],
[ProdGrup].[Description] as [ProdGrup_Description],
(PartCost.AvgMaterialCost * PartMtl.QtyPer) as [Calculated_PartMtlCostPerQty],
[PartMtl].[QtyPer] as [PartMtl_QtyPer],
[PartMtl].[MtlSeq] as [PartMtl_MtlSeq]
from Erp.PartRev as PartRev
inner join Erp.PartMtl as PartMtl on
PartRev.Company = PartMtl.Company
and PartRev.PartNum = PartMtl.PartNum
and PartRev.RevisionNum = PartMtl.RevisionNum
and PartRev.AltMethod = PartMtl.AltMethod
left outer join Erp.PartCost as PartCost on
PartMtl.Company = PartCost.Company
and PartMtl.MtlPartNum = PartCost.PartNum
left outer join Erp.Part as Part on
PartMtl.Company = Part.Company
and PartMtl.MtlPartNum = Part.PartNum
and ( Part.ProdCode = ‘5508’ )

inner join Erp.ProdGrup as ProdGrup on
Part.Company = ProdGrup.Company
and Part.ProdCode = ProdGrup.ProdCode

Perhaps the unit of measure is throwing you off.

You don’t show what the P/N is for the snippet of the BOM report. But $2.4303 for 1 LB is $0.15189375/OZ. And the BAQ shows numbers in that ballpark. What is the IUM of the part and what is the UOM for that part on the BOM?


Also, non of the Qty Per Parent values in your BAQ results have a qty of 1 (or bigger)

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Everything for this part is LB

Okay, I see what you’re getting at. The sum of the ‘PartMtlCostPerQty’ column only adds up to $2.3507, but the BOM report says $2.4303

Is the $2.4303 number perhaps a STD or LAST cost?

I am pretty sure its AVG