How much activity is needed to keep a session active

In our 9.04 environment we only have 8 licenses so we have users set to time out after 60 minutes of inactivity. I have a user who swears his license is getting kicked off while he is using it. When I look at the Admin console it shows his last activity at over 60 minutes ago.
What kind of use does the system consider activity? Is it opening a screen or entering data or just looking at a dashboard for 60 minutes? It only seems to one user complaining, maybe others are having the issue but not saying anything.

@rturrentine The client needs to interact with the appserver to be active.

We went the other way and set all of ours to the min which is also the default of 15 minutes. I tried 5 but that gets set as 15. We had 132 users in our previous ERP and I had a routine to kick the inactive ones off. Our sales person for Epicor proposed 80 users and I told him that would be a mess. He told me if you max out 80 in the first year I will get you 132 for free. We never did and with almost 200 active only bought another 10 MES 5 years later after we went to all operators on the floor using MES.

The point is I would not lock up a license up for 60 minutes, but let them expire and reconnect as needed.

Thanks. We have about 20 users fighting for 8 licenses. We’re working on upgrading to Kinetic with 12 licenses but that still won’t be enough.
My main question still is what does the system consider “activity”? Is it opening a screen or refreshing a dashboard or must a user be entering data to be considered active?

Anything that gets something from the server is activity. Loading a screen from the menu, an on leave that checks if it is valid data, screen refresh.

I never ran 9.04, but in 905.702 I never had any issue with the default timeout.