How to add a field to an epiView

The Receipt Entry form displays some fields from a view rather than from a table such as: MultiKeySearch.PONum. I want to display a custom field I created on the POHeader table. How do I add my field to that ‘MultiKeySearch’ view? Or some other way?

Looks like MultiKeySearch is a view meant for search parameters and it is tied to what seems to be a UI only DataSet with the table structure of RcvHead.

As far as I can see this view can really only have one record with current search parameters and that is it, not sure what you are trying to do but maybe some other view would be better.

So I guess if you want to add a custom field to appear in this view you need to add it to RcvHead, how to populate it is up to you.

Thank you for your input. What is the ‘correct’ way to go about this? How do I add a view to a form?

I found some documentation. Thank you.