How to add BPM hold to menu

I am starting out with a screenshot as I think that will help explain my situation best! As you can see in the screenshot, when you right click in the part number field it has the BPM holds option. This is in our live version of Epicor 9.05.702A.

When developer mode is on and you try to click on the BPM hold option, you get the following dialog box.
I am unable to find anything related to this dialog box in Epicor 9 or 10. I have no idea how it was implemented.
And finally, this is the screen you get to in epicor 9 when you launch the bpm holds from the part number field.

A few side notes, I believe this is somehow tied to the part number field in the application, as any part number field will allow you to get to the BPM hold from right click. Any info on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Correct. Because the Holds were setup for


Are there Holds already defined for the BO Part in E10?

I am not sure, I have dug around in E10 for quite a while and googled to try and figure out how to see this and I have had no luck. Would you be able to point me in the right direction on how to check this? Sorry for the simpleton questions, still quite new to Epicor!

I actually tried to do this the yesterday. I never see the “BPM Hold” on the context menu. The Documentation says that a manual hold can be placed using the context menu. But I couldn’t even find a way to launch “Hold Entry”. I could only find Menus and DLL’s for “Hold Type Maintenance”

Well that’s interesting. Thank you for the help @ckrusen, I really appreciate it! I will put in a support case with Epicor and see if they can shed some light on this issue for me.

@kjconner and @ckrusen

i do not know if this any good for you, but BPM Hold functionality is only a flag and it should be utilized
within the BPM directive designs if you want it to be activated.

if you want more information on that then you can see the Epicor University Support Document

I understand all that. But I don’t see “BPM Holds” on the context menu for an object I’ve created a Hold Type for.


Here I’ve created a Hold Type for Part


Yet I don’t see the BPM Holds on the pop-up menu.


If I attach the hold in a BPM, I can then see it in Hold Type Maint:


But I never see a context menu with “BPM Hold”

Hi @ckrusen,
aha…so what does your Part Context Menu shows at the moment ? if BPM Hold is not there can you create a new one ?

Identical to yours.
(BTW - I’m on 10.2.300)

strange, i am not aware of any bug/Fixes around this area ? are you ?

We don’t use holds. I was only experimenting with them to see if I could help the Original poster.


Are than any Company or Site settings that control the ability to use Holds?

aha, sorry i read the original post, and i can see that he has not got the same problem as you, that is why i replied about the implementation way of the Hold type.

had a quick look could not find any !

I think @kjconner’s issue is that the Process Calling dialog appears (showing the program expected to be called) - which is expected in developer mode - but the actual BPM Holds program never launches.

My issues are:

  1. I don’t even see the “BPM Holds” context menu.
  2. I have no way to open the “BPM Holds” program.

@A.Baeisa - can you enable developer mode, then launch “BPM Holds” to show both the Process Calling dialog, and the Customization Select windows?

I’d like to see what the Form Name is for “BPM Holds” program

ok, no problem at all

  1. this is the UI/Form Developer Mode / Customization:

  2. this is the Process Calling Info when launched from Part Tracker:

  3. Menu Info

could it be the security restriction on the menu ?

Your prior posts show two distinct Programs:

Hold Type Maintenance



BPM Holds


I have the menu for “Hold Typ Maint” but nothing for “BPM Holds”

It looks like the “BPM Holds” uses the same program (BpHoldsEntry.dll) as the Type Maint program

do you mean this UI Form ? you are right it is different

Thank you both @ckrusen @A.Baeisa very much for the help! I ran over everything you guys said, and seeing your screenshots led me to the Context Menu Maintenance.

The last entry under Menu Item, Customer PN’s was for some reason broke. When we converted to 10 that made the BPM hold not show in the menu, for reasons I don’t know. We don’t use it, so I simply deleted it, and everything is working great. Again I really appreciate all of the time you both spent helping me on this!