How to Auto Approve toBuy in Requisiton Entry?

I have developed a feature where work orders automatically generate Requision Entries. However, when we attempt to automatically convert these Requision Entries into purchase suggestions, there is no corresponding record being triggered in the POSugDtl table. Interestingly, when procurement Requision Entries are manually dispatched, records are added to the POSugDtl table. Moreover, it is possible to associate Requision Entries marked for purchase with newly created purchase suggestions.

        private void AutoToBuyRequsition(int reqNum)
            ReqAdapter reqAdapter = new ReqAdapter(this.oTrans);
            string warnMsg = string.Empty;
            reqAdapter.CheckReqDetailAttributeSets(reqNum, out warnMsg);
            reqAdapter.ReqData.ReqHead[0].ReqActionID = "ToBuy";
            reqAdapter.ReqData.ReqHead[0].CurrDispatcherName = "Purchase Department";
            string dispIDList = string.Empty;
            string dispNumList = string.Empty;
            reqAdapter.BuildNextDispatcher("ToBuy", out dispIDList, out dispNumList);

            reqAdapter.CheckToDo("Purchase Department");
            bool resetDispatch = false;
            bool dispatchReq = false;
            reqAdapter.RDMenuFlags(reqNum, "Purchase Department", out resetDispatch, out dispatchReq);
            bool morePages = false;
            reqAdapter.GetReqLogList("ReqNum = '" + reqNum + "'", 0, 1, out morePages);