How to call a function in code from a BPM

I would love to be able to ‘call’ a Function from within a BPM code block,
ie: looping thru data in the code block, I need to ‘do something’ to each row, hence call a function.

This is really easy. There’s lots of threads on this. Essentially the code is just:

string functionLibrary =  "TestLib";
string function =  "TestFunc";
var result = (Tuple<System.Boolean, System.String>)this.InvokeFunction(functionLibrary,function,Tuple.Create(this.ds));
outputBool = result.Item1;
outputStr = result.Item2;
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Thank you, have to admit I did not look , and should not have ‘assumed’ - how do you call the function and supply the necessary ‘input parameters’ , if this is possible?

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Yep, below is one of the threads where there’s examples/discussion about passing in input parameters (using the Tuple input).