How to capture OrderDtl.Line on create in method directive


Working on a BPM to add a Misc Charge to an Order line. As long as the line is already there we can add the Misc Charge on change. When adding a line we are unable to proceed as doing testing the line number appears to be 0 until after the update. If we can somehow grab the line number of the newly created line we can finish the rest as long as it is in a method directive. We can get the value on a data directive but the data directive does not seem to have any methods to add a misc charge. I am open to any suggestions on how to add a misc charge on creating a line.

Post Processing Method Directive on Order.Update would have the updated dataset with the new line (and line number)

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Just to confirm this would be on SalesOrder.Update ?


Yes it is

So I have tried to find it but there are multiple records in my message window but the number of the one I added exists. How to I get the max or highest number in what is returned? Below is my attempt


Thanks all !!!