How to Change Quote Number from Numeric to Alphanumeric?


this is the first Post for me, i would like to thanks all people here for accepting me.

i am working in a manufacturing Company, currently we are in implementation stage in Epicor 10.2.
we have 3 Department making Quotations and Sales Invoice as well like ( Products, Maintenance, Spare parts) .

my Question is, How can i make a different Quote Number for each Department?
like for Products when they create a new Quote should start with P0001, for Maintenance Quote start with M0001, for Spare Parts start with S0001 and also for the Invoice.


Quote number is the primary key for a quote and can only be a sequential number. What you can do is to add a field for the department type (P, M, or S) and just prefix it to the Quote number on printouts or reports.

But note:

  1. All other modules (like Sales Orders) would refer to just the numeric part.
  2. Searches for the quote would also be based on just the numeric part.
  3. The numeric part woukd always be unique. You could never have P1001 and S1001.

Hi Calvin,

thanks for replying,

i understand what you said but we already have another ERP System and has option starting Number With 000 and you can Put what you want, so i thought Epicor has this Option and will copy the Quote Menu and activate this Option.

i hope Epicor think for applying this option.

You will find this is the biggest hurdle in implementing any ERP system. Users will want to make the new system look like the old system instead of looking at the capability of the new system. This is a sign that your users are not learning the new system, which is a warning to how the rest of your implementation is going. I’m all about making the system usable for our users but if I try to modify the new system to be exactly like the old, I have to ask, why even move to a new system?

Our old system kept opportunities and quotes separate but Epicor uses the same program and tables for both and uses a field to separate the two based on Workflow. However, we also have different departments using quotes like you. We have new system quotes, spare part quotes, and repair quotes. We did what @ckrusen suggested and created a new field to separate out these quotes. Now we have a dashboard to display the quotes by this new field and everybody is happy. In reality, they don’t care about the consecutive number within the department, they just want to be able to look at a quote and see whose is whose.

You might want to push-back a little on this or you’ll spend all you time making customizations that break other features. Ask you users “Why?” they want a feature and don’t accept “The old system did it.” Once you get to the real reason, find a way to do it in Epicor. We’ve started to tell users that they’re responsible for testing all of their modifications for each update (monthly for us). There’s a cost to these requests and they should bear some of the costs of maintaining them.

Mark W.


@Mark_Wonsil ou are right, i have to push our Employees for changing old mind.
also what @ckrusen said is a good idea and will do it.

thanks for all

I love your suggestion, and the why questions are so important. Also liked your suggestion for mandating the users’ testing prior to deployment into production.