How to close out job-to-job interplant transfer orders

How the heck do you close out an interplant job-to-job transfer order? We have two plants which form sheet metal. We just opened up a new facility and some materials xfer from plant A to plant B to feed job requirements. We’ve established methods in Plant A which call out the Plant B part and MRP automagically does it’s thing to create demand and jobs in plant B to meet the timely need of plant A (no problems here). I’ve created a dashboard to provide visibility to transfer order activity (shipping to and receiving from) between plants. I exclude any Xfer orders and lines which are “closed”. However, we have inevitable fallout in the mfg process (i.e. job starts out with qty 220 to meet an order for 200 and we may end up scrapping along the way) so the transfer order may call out (planned qty) 220 from plant B and they generate and ship 218 to plant A. That’s just fine as we still can meet the final need for 200. However, the job-to-job transfer order remains open to reflect that final 2 planned qty not being met and I can’t for the life of me find any place to close out that order. Because it is a job-to-job transfer order Kinetic has severely locked down access to the Xfer order so not easily accessible through std menu options unless someone out there has a suggestion.

Perhaps create a dashboard that allows a user to set the status of the transfer order line as Closed after they have shipped the available quantity?

Customization is always an option. I was tossing this out there to see if I’m missing some functionality with the std software that would allow me to do this w/o having to resort to customization. If I have to do a customization I’ll also raise this as a enhancement request to the Epicor “desires” site in the hopes that this functionality will be incorporated into a future release.