How to copy a BOM from an existing part to a newly created part?

The engineers creating new parts often wish there was an easy method to copy a large BOM from an existing part to a newly created part. As of now when creating a new part that has the same BOM as an existing part, the engineers manually enter the BOM for the new part making it a time consuming task.

Epicor suggested using Mass Part Replace/Delete but we have tried it and it did not copy the BOM. I have a feeling Epicor support left out a step or I am not understanding how to use Mass Part Replace/Delete in the context of my need. I am looking for help with a solution.

You can do this in Engineering Workbench under Actions>Revision>Get Details. From here you can details from another part revision or quote.

Vinay Kamboj

I’m not sure if it’s available in E9 as well, but in Epicor 10, you can also use Actions > Duplicate in the Part Maintenance window to fully copy a Part record, including the BOM.

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Thank you, Vinay.

When I go to Engineering Workbench under Actions > Revision > Get Details the ‘Get from Methods/Jobs/Quotes’ option is grayed out.

Hi John,

I believe you need to have checked out a part (the one that you want to get details from another into) and have no operations nor materials on the checked out one. Once empty bom and boo, you should see get from methods/jobs/quotes is enabled.


Has anyone ever heard of an industry standard for BOM’s? I looked into it once and found a standard for electronic manufacturing called IPC-2578 but haven’t ever found anything for other manufacturing.

It seems like the ideal solution would be for Epicor to export a standards based BOM that can then be shared with many different systems.

I will try this next week, Nancy.

John Felizardo

The Duplicate option is available in E9. Will test to see if this will give the functionality I am looking for – Thanks.

John Felizardo

Hi John,

You have to first create a new revision for the new part. Once you have the new revision checked out to the Engineering Workbench, then you can get details from wherever you want.

Vinay Kamboj

IPC is related to Printed Circuit Board manufacturing. I’d guess that other non-PCB industries would have different standards.

@ckrusen Have you ever seen another standard though? That’s the only one I have ever been able to find for moving BOM’s between systems and suppliers.

Thank you all for your answers.
The suggestion that worked the best for us wash the Duplicate Part option - Thank you, Tyler.