How to create dbf tables from Vantage data?

Hello everyone,

I am currently experiencing extreme frustration in getting our quoting/ordering/invoicing reports finalised.

We have had a custom mod written that copies the 'Character01' etc fields right down the line from Quote, Order, Job, Ship to Invoice.

Unfortunately it seems that Epicor have changed the datatype for these fields in Version 4 of Vantage - from a standard string field to a memo/blob type - a datatype that you cannot manipulate in Crystal !!

I need to concatenate several of these fields together and sort my reports on the concatenated field.

So as far as I can see, this is leading me down the path of creating my own SQL Queries to build separate .dbf files, then use that .dbf in Vantage - much like Vantage itself does to create .dbf files in c:\vntgwork..

My SQL's not too hot, and bearing in mind that I've recently upgraded to Crystal 8 and can't find the Query Designer for the life of me (tech support call logged on that one), does anyone know how I go about this?

As far as the SQL is concerned, I think I can do the following:

SELECT (QuoteDtl.Character01, QuoteDtl.Character02, QuoteDtl.Character03, QuoteDtl.Character04) AS my_new_field **but I need to change the datatype of this new field**

WHERE **table joins**

hmm.. just spotted somthing called 'SELECT INTO OUTFILE'... perhaps I can use that to create a .dbf?

Are there any SQL gurus out there that can help me out with this one?


Anton Wilson,
Systems Analyst,
Deanestor Healthcare

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