How to define a view?

I have a reported problem in what I thought was a dashboard(something custom we created), but it’s actually not a dashboard. When I look in Customization it looks like it’s a customization and a view is used to populate the data. End users are reporting some rows are missing so I’d like to look at the view to understand the query so we can fix it if it is broken or explain the user how it works in case of a misunderstanding but I’m not sure where I can look at the query for the view. Any pointers?

PS I’m familiar with BAQs, just not views in Epicor…

Looks to me like the dashboard is a simple copy of “Production Planner Workbench” (ProdPlannerWB)
and… I’m guessing that V_zProductionPlannerJobs_LView1 is just a copy of the system BAQ “zProductionPlannerJobs”… i.e. not really a view, just naming convention?

But… if your dashboard really is using a view
then I might start in E10, looking at External BAQ’s for view connection details and MS SQL Management Studio for the actual details of the view.