How to delete requisitions?

Hi All,

My Purchasing Manager brought me 3 REQs that for whatever reason were never purchased back in 2011, and he would like them deleted. How is this done, as I can’t seem to find anything on deleting requisitions anywhere, and the Delete button within the REQ does nothing.

I haven’t come across this myself, but when I find I’m trying to do something like this I’ll try through Swagger, or even try DMT.

Hey, thanks for your response. What’s Swagger?

You should be able to go to your REST interface through (do this in a test first!!!):

https://<<server fqdn>>/<<Epicor Instance>>/api/help/v1/

Server FQDN is your fully qualified domain name for your server.
The Epicor Instance is the name of the application in the Application Server (usually EpicorERP).

To go straight to it:

https://<<server fqdn>>/<<Epicor Instance>>/api/help/v1/odata/Erp.BO.ReqSvc/index#/OData/DeleteUpdateExt_Req